Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Global Virtual Classroom

Bullying 101 Website
Back in August, I ran across an opportunity through Global Virtual Classroom to involve the 5th grade PDS boys in a collaborative project with other schools around the world. We were assigned to schools in Illinois and Taiwan, and together we agreed to build a website on the topic of bullying since it is a current and relevant issue as well as a worldwide epidemic.

After many months of brainstorming, research, collaboration, and creating many different end products for bringing awareness to bullying, the website is now in its final stages of editing.  The website reveals deep thinking as the boys created CSIs, reflections using thinking routines such as “I Used to think... but now I think,” glogs, iMovies, slogans, and much more.  One group even designed a pen with the words “Control, Escape, and Delete Cyber-Bullying,” collected money on their own and bought one hundred pens to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Memphis. They spoke to all fourth, fifth, and sixth graders about their experience and have raised over one hundred dollars so far.  

This contest involves over sixty schools and twenty-two countries from around the world, and there will probably be over twenty websites submitted covering an array of topics. I wanted to share the link to our website so that you can see the great work that will soon be published as the contest comes to an end next week.  

Bullying 101 Website

Picasa Pictures of Participants from around the world

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