Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Changing Directions: How Can I Create A Higher Level of Inquiry Among My Students?

After doing a considerable amount of research on inquiry-based learning, I have decided that I need to revise my question about how to create a disposition of inquiry among my students to something that is more measurable.  Using thinking routines, project-based learning, and various other strategies has impacted my students, but I struggled with coming up with evidence other than the questions that the students formulated during their projects and the written reflections that the students recorded in their journals.  The work itself is evidence of inquiry, but can a disposition among 68 of my students actually be measured? 

After brainstorming, I decided to turn the focus on the ways in which I can create a higher level of inquiry in my classroom.  Whether or not my efforts are successful in developing a certain disposition, I know that with continuous routine, habits of the mind will develop and I will be able to measure the quality of students' questions, the extent of inquiry regarding the material that is covered, and reflections of thinking routines that stimulates curiosity.

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