Friday, February 13, 2009

Classroom Wiki

A wiki is a website that can be created for posting or uploading content which can be added to, edited, or removed by anyone who is given permission to access it. Here is a link to a great breakdown of the many ways it can function: What is a wiki?

I have chosen to use for classroom use.
After researching, I have discovered so many fascinating purposes that it can serve in the English classroom.
  • creating individual student pages to simulate an actual blog
  • uploading relevant pictures to support writing
  • peer editing on any type of writing
  • making global connections with other students around the world
  • collaborating on a group project
  • posting reflections to various writing assignments
  • embedding technology tools that support learning about current skills
  • posting assignment descriptions
  • commenting on published work by posting thoughtful feedback
  • creating folders to store rubrics, best practices, resources
  • creating links to relevant curriculum sites
I have begun implementing ideas that can be viewed at

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